Monday, December 17, 2007

throwing the baby into the bathwater

After my mom left Jerusalem, I decided I needed a bath to console myself, so I fed the baby and began the process of getting ready to bathe. "What if she wakes up?" asked my Dear Husband. I told him to bring her in to me if she did and I would nurse her in the tub, and then she could have a bath, too. (not a super-mom approved thing, but oh well) So, I finally relax into my nice warm tub and less than 7 minutes later, I hear the DH through the door, "I'm bringing her in, she woke up." and so, he then proceeds into the bathroom and hands his wet, naked, in the tub wife a fully clothed, diapered and blanketed baby who is screaming. Um, yeah. Did it occur to him that he should take her clothes and dirty diaper off first? Um, no. At least the blanket came in handy to undress her on the bathroom floor with. But, that leads to yet another load of laundry. Ahh, parenthood!
Just a little anecdote from my day!


jenniedub said...

Oh my, so he just handed the baby to you in the tub? At least he brought the baby to you I guess and you just didn't hear baby cries from the tub...
Somehow found your blog tonight browsing blogs! Thought I would comment.

Junebug said...

Good title! I come from the planet of Janet to you....:D