Sunday, December 9, 2007

The first blog...

So I've decided to enter the "real" blogosphere. I've blogged on and off on MySpace, but this is the real deal. So, if you somehow end up reading this randomly, let me introduce myself.
I am a Rabbi's Wife, living in Jerusalem, in the old city. I just gave birth to my first child three weeks ago, and she is a real dolly! Everyone comments how much hair she has, and it really does look like we put a wig on her. My Husband (The Rabbi, TR for short) is in Yeshiva (school for men) full time. He also teaches Russian Martial arts, and I am a balloon artist (you know, those balloon animals from long, skinny balloons). So we're a pretty unusual couple, especially for the Orthodox Jewish world. As I've become interested in blogging, I've noticed most of the people who say they're Orthodox are really Modern Orthodox, but we are what people call "ultra-Orthodox" or Charaedi. I'm sure you'll find out more about that as the blog goes on.
Now, my thoughts for the day: It's amazing to me how much of your life becomes about peeing when you're becoming a mom. You pee to find out if you're ovulating, if you're pregnant, etc. Then, once you're pregnant you pee all the time, both for the doctor and just because! Then, once you have the baby, it pees all the time, and you have to change it. Who knew my life could revolve so much around urination? Or that I would like it?
It's true, I do enjoy being a mom so far. I know, give it time, but I've always liked kids and wanted to have a big family, so I'm thinking it's not going to pall on me. Plus, I deal with kids professionally, so I've got a pretty good idea what to expect. But that's the journey you're about to join me on. So, let's see where it all goes.
Kol Tuv (have a good week)


lauren leigh said...

AMANDA! hi :) haha, your blog made me that's what i get to look forward to? well, bring it on :P

Ali said...

wait until you have three kids and you need to take them to pee all the time AND you need to pee all the time too!