Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm a bad mommy

So, who thinks a 5 week old kid shouldn't be able to roll off a couch? I mean, they aren't supposed to be that mobile for weeks! But danged if my kid didn't roll herself right off the couch last week.
mommies have to go to the bathroom sometime, right?
The funny thing is, even though I was totally freaked out, I was also really calm once she started screaming an there wasn't any blood or bruises. The Rabbi? Not so much. He really flipped out and didn't want to give her back to me. Finally I convinced him the only thing that would make her stop crying was to nurse her. Which worked instantly, of course, because even bad mommies know how to fix boo-boos, especially ones they caused.

in other news, have you ever wondered what Christmas is like in other countries? Here, especially in my community, it is a total non-event. Well, not totally. There are a few more Christian tourists than normal (and they all want to convert me, I swear! do they realize how obnoxious that is to someone who LIVES the Bible? Prolly not). Also, my Pharmacist was closed, but that's it. In America most Jews get take out from the local Kosher Chinese place and try to forget the day exists (good luck with that, BTW). I did notice that someone was selling these small cedar trees one day last week. I'm sure they were supposed to stand in for the more common pine or fir trees of America. But today was by far the most surreal, as I walked up the Arab Shuk (open-air market) a guy in a Kufi (muslim hat) was shouting, "Merry Christmas, come into my shop, I make you good Sale!" at anyone American-looking as they passed by. Capitalism reigns supreme.

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