Wednesday, November 3, 2010

time flies

Wow, time flies. I had my boy. There were some complications (too much amniotic fluid, they thought), and one Doc offered me a late-term abortion (40 weeks and 3 days!) based solely on that. Twice. We said absolutely not the first time, but she persisted. What?? it was crazy, and I cringed every time I saw her after that. the whole birth thing was traumatic, the medical staff reminiscent of the 3 stooges, ending with a c-section that was very likely unnecessary. We'll go to a different hospital next time. The baby was a bit too yellow, but we took him out in the sun a lot and were able to circumcise him on the 8th day! (as a side note, concerned people actually yelled from their car across 2 lanes of traffic that I shouldn't have him out in the sun. Thank you, complete stranger for judging me!) My DH was able to be his Mohel and we named him David Yitzhoch. We put the video of the brit on youtube and got SO MANY negative comments, we finally disabled them. Crazy. People seriously called me a child abuser for allowing my son to be circumcised, as per our religious tradition. This has been a crazy time.

But he is a wonderful, sweet baby; worth every crazy thing.


ruthdemitroff said...

So sorry that there was so little understanding of your religious beliefs. I'm old enough to remember when doctors were traumatized if, when a woman asked for an abortion, they could feel movement. Student nurses weren't allowed to even observe through the window of the delivery room door during an abortion and only a select group of delivery room nurses worked in room D.

When we observed circumcisions, the obstetricians always told us that if we ever had a chance to observe a Mohel do a circumcision, we should go. They felt that a Mohel was the expert on proper circumcision technique. Infant circumcision was definitely considered kinder than a surgical circumcision at any other stage of a male's life.

Strange how much the human heart has changed. What is now considered the moral action is the flip side of the beliefs commonly held prior to the 1980s.

Ellen Grant said...

Wow. Can't believe people feel so free to comment these days. But I guess that's the world we live in now!! Yikes!
Your son is precious!!

Melissa Macalik said...

I saw your story via a post by a friend of mine on Facebook. A wild story to be sure. I agree with the first commenter; it is a strange world when everything that used to hold true morally has flipped 180 degrees in the last 30 years...

Your sweet boy, though, is absolutely gorgeous! That is a fantastic smile; I'm sure he brings much joy and excitement to your home.

Many, many congratulations!

Miriam Aliza said...

Awwww your son is adorable Bli ayin hara, may you and your husband have many many nachat.

You did the perfect thing to bring him outside in the sun Ima, in the hospital they would put him beneath lamps . But nothing is better than the real thing (sun)