Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reflections on traveling with a toddler...

So, we survived the trip! The plane was not so bad, thanks to Benadryl, but they did lose our gate checked stroller in London (how do you do that??) which we didn't get back until our way BACK through Dulles going home. sigh.
3 days in a car with my good-natured kid? piece of cake. seriously. the 4th day was pretty bad however. We arrived in Washington State at my Parent's with a trashed SUV (crackers and dried formula everywhere) Naked Child (well, she had a diaper on. I didn't have the will to dig out clean clothes from one of our 7 suitcases after her diaper exploded in Eastern Oregon), and two parents with only one nerve left after nearly being blown off the road in Wyoming and nearly being blocked from our end destination by state-wide flooding in Washington. WOW.
It was pure joy to see my parents interact with their only grandkid (for another 6 weeks at least) and be so silly and permissive and un-parent like! Sigh. and I never had to worry if I wanted to leave the baby home, because you know G-ma and G-pa WANT to keep her there!
I've many thoughts about America in general, but I'll save those for another post.

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