Sunday, September 21, 2008

a little batty

I was hanging out laundry the other night, enjoying the relatively cool summer night, when I saw something swooping in my general direction. It was a bat. Not a big one, just a lil' guy. I actually like bats. They're secretive and make the best of the least-favorable hunting times. I know, they have rabies and all that, but as long as they're not in my house, what's the harm?
So, I tilted my head back for a minute and let them swoop around me out on the laundry porch. And I felt pretty peaceful and in tune with the world around me. Just because there were bats, and I wasn't scared of them.

PS-I hang my laundry out at night to avoid it getting faded from the strong Jerusalem sun. just FYI.

1 comment:

Angel said...

yeah, I think i would be running inside screaming like a girl.
Is it warm enough at night to dry the clothes? I guess it must be, otherwise you wouldn't do it....=)