Monday, July 7, 2008

Birthday Update

Because it's my Birthday today, I thought I'd do 7 things you may not know about me as I was born on 7/7/78. I was going to do 30 (as that's how old I am now, ACK!) but my attention span is too short for that.
Without further ado:
1. I have worked A LOT of different jobs. In Chronological order: Thousand Trails bathroom cleaner, After school care worker, Nanny, Chef at assisted living home, Taco Bell, Subway, Sears, ASB secretary (paid position), Pea Tenderometer operator (not joking), Carrot QC, Admitting at a hospital, Nanny again, Balloon artist, Camp videographer, After/before school enrichment teacher, Summer intern for UGM at-risk program, Preschool Admin, Videographer again, Kmart Checker, then photomat operator, Children's activities coordinator, Janitor, High school teacher, Hebrew language teacher, and now, seamstress. wow, I'm tired.

2. I am the only Jew I know who grew up on a Christmas tree farm.

3. I am late a lot, but I hate being late. it stresses me out, but stuff always happens to make me late, especially now with the baby. argh.

4. Someday I'll write about it in more detail, but I had a curse. Boys who liked me fell horribly ill (6 that I know of), guys who proposed ended up dead (fortunately only 2). My DH is in perfect health, by the way.

5. I loved performing in Opera and Musical Theater. I still sing selections for my daughter, although singing for mixed company is out for Jewish Modesty reasons. I just might audition for one of the all-women for-women groups here in J'lem. when I have spare time. ha.

6. I didn't hit puberty until I was 14. then I went up 4 cup sizes in one summer. Talk about an embarrassing return to school. you should have heard the rumors fly...

7. I have a sad, sad addiction to Mt. Dew. I know it's AWFUL for me, and nearly impossible to get here, but I still manage somehow. If anyone feels like being an enabler, they can mail me some!

My thanks to all those who commented and emailed to see if I'm OK. I;m feeling better, but they still haven't figured out why I fainted so much. I've got an appointment to go over my Med history with an American Doc next week and get orders for all the tests, so I'll keep you all posted as to the results. Meanwhile I'll post my Matza ball soup recipe sometime this week, which will cure you of anything!


Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

Is it immodest to sing in front of ment? Oh, and I had another question about your bread recipe. Why is it necessary for halachic reasons to add 5 pounds of flour to the dough?

Happy birthday!

the rabbi's wife said...

Halacha is Jewish law, as defined by our sages and passed down from Moses. (you may not need this detailed of an answer, but I'm sure others have wondered) To separate Challah, the Rabbis tell us it must be from a mixture that is primarily Flour and water, the two most basic ingredients for bread, and that to qualify as a batch, the dough must weigh a certain amount. There is a gray area that allows for the separation of Challah without a blessing, but this recipe puts you safely past the minimum for separating with a blessing. A few tablespoons of flour won't matter too much, a cup or more will.
Also, it is considered immodest for a woman to sing (specifically perform by singing)in front of men, as her voice is alluring. For her to sing modestly in a mixed group (like around the Shabbat table) is fine. Also, for her to play an instrument is fine. The voice is the issue.

Carrien said...

Happy belated birthday.:)