Monday, February 11, 2008


I used to love grocery shopping.
The planning, wandering the aisles deciding what I could do with new things I saw, loading all my newest goodies into the pantry.
Now I put it off.
a lot.
Here's why: it sucks in this country. I don't have a car, so I am forced to shop at the ONE store that will deliver to my neighborhood. They often don't have what I am looking for. And if they do, it is likely more expensive than the last time I bought it. (yes, prices here are going up THAT FAST!) Then, at the checkout, I wish my groceries a fond farewell, possibly never to be seen again. When the delivery gets to my house, if I'm lucky it's before midnight, I have to check to see if its all there. if it's not, guess who has to call neighbors to see if my stuff got in with theirs? yeah, not the store, it's definitely not their fault.

Can you see why I would put this off?
But all I really have in the fridge right now is hummus and some dubious-looking carrots.
That ain't gonna make the rabbi happy.

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Angel said...

I wouldn't be eager to shop if this was my situation! I didnt' want to grocery shop today because I don't really feel like making a list and driving to Ft. Lewis......I have it easy though, don't I?